5 Tips on Taking the Best Close-up Shots of Earrings

When creating an online portfolio to showcase your brand, style, and persona, you need to ask yourself questions like: “What is the best photo for this?”, “How do I convey all that I’m about?.” It might be best to start by asking these questions to loved ones as they know you best and your endeavors. They can pinpoint you in the right direction, so call up a friend or a family member that you talk to a lot and ask them the first three words that they think of when summarizing you.

It could be any number of things such as creative, loving, smart, funny, now look at what you tend to shoot. Still Life? Architecture? Models? Portraits? Landscape? Whichever the case, try to find the photos that express your personality. Start with that and then move on to answering the biggest question: “What would the audience or a potential employer want to see from your portfolio?”

Let’s answer that.

Main Shooting Style

If you tend to shoot landscapes, don’t have your portfolio be all about your very few portraits. Pick the best photos you’ve taken of mountaintops, sunrises, ocean waves, sunsets, the ones that you worked really hard on editing. Keep in mind to also show variety, don’t just choose the same sunrise shots over and over again.

Diversity is the key to everything, after all.

If you prefer shooting portraits, then pick ones that truly shine – where you’ve wholly aced that post-processing and skin retouching.


Have you ever asked yourself this question while taking photos: “I wonder what would happen if I moved this over here shot through a different lens with a blue filter on top?” If that question was too specific, don’t worry. The idea behind it is if you’ve ever experimented with photography, then you need to add that into your portfolio. We all appreciate originality, and you need to showcase those shots you were a little extra creative with. Whether you chose to buy a prism and create a rippling effect on your subject, or just simply took a photo from a new perspective, you need to add that to your online portfolio.

Editing Skills

Not just your photography skills, but your ability to work with an editing software just like Adobe Photoshop or even Lightroom can have a great impact on a potential employer. One of the best ways to convey that is by adding it to your CV or creating a fantasy-like effect on something ordinary.

Being able to work with anything is a plus.

Are you ready?

With all these tips and tricks on creating an online portfolio, are you now ready to create yours? Start by making a website using your preferred hosting service, and if you have coding knowledge, creating from scratch, if not, then choose a Theme that suits what you need. With the website built, start uploading your work and arranging it in a preferred order. You could also use a file service to create an online archive that you can link to instead when sharing your CV with a potential employer. However, having it on a website also increases your followers and watchers and builds your brand. This in turn, improves your chances of being self-employed and working on exactly what matters to you.

Create today, and improve tomorrow.


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