Scary CCTV footage shows high-speed Tesla Model 3 crashing into a building: WATCH | Electric Vehicles News

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A viral video on the internet shows a Tesla Model 3 electric crashing into a convention centre in Columbus, Ohio. However, the electric sedan in the video seems to be flying before it crashes. The incident in the video occurred on SR-315, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch. As per the reports, the electric car’s driver failed to apply brakes on the car leading up to the crash. However, there have been no injuries in the incident.

When the accident occurred, the driver of the Tesla Model 3 electric car was travelling at 112 kmph on the Neil Avenue exit. Before the user lost control, the electric car drove past a red light at Vine Street and North High Street. According to reports, a few witnesses told officials that the driver of the electric car looked to race to pass a yellow signal and did not slow down before crashing into the convention centre.

There have been no serious injuries recorded. The Tesla EV’s driver, on the other hand, sustained minor injuries. Officials reported the person’s health remained stable. As per the local authorities, the Tesla Model 3 was operating on autopilot mode when the accident occurred.

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According to reports, the cost of repairing the damage done to the centre as a result of the incident will be between $250,000 and $350,000. Several events were taking place in the convention centre at the time of the incident, including a girls’ junior volleyball tournament.

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