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How cloud tech for gaming is being applied to health care

Ask most medical doctors where they received their training and they’ll tell you about a cadaver lab or a hospital stint. But more and more, doctors are learning from their phones, from headsets, and even from a team...

Billionaire Warren Buffett swears by this inexpensive investing strategy that anyone can try

In the past 20 years, investing in low-cost index funds like the S&P 500 has come to dominate much of the investing landscape. The reason? It's cheaper than investing in most mutual funds, there's far less trading (which increases costs),...

Orbán lashes out at German ‘bombshell’ energy package

Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán has warned Germany’s planned €200bn energy support package amounted to “cannibalism” threatening European Union unity at a time when member states were under severe economic stress because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Orbán on Monday...

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