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New Delhi: WhatsApp is apparently working on two major updates that would alter the in-app functionality. The first is tied to the status update, while the second is related to the messages disappearing. WhatsApp is always being updated to introduce new features to the modern world. The Meta-owned instant messaging service has announced significant updates to its in-app functionality, including 2GB media file sharing and group calling.

WhatsApp was discovered working on altering the status update page with small adjustments in the most recent release. The WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo discovered that the firm has moved the emoji, text, and background colour options from the status update page’s footer to the page’s right top corner. This has no effect on users, however some of you may find it weird when you first notice it.

The second update concerns the disappearance of WhatsApp communications. Following the development of a feature that allows users to arrange numerous chats to disappear at once (which will be accessible later), WhatsApp is now working on a fresh update to disappearing messages, which will be provided in a future version.

“We can see a header image about disappearing messages and three icons, but let’s concentrate on the last one: the bookmark image is about keeping disappearing messages even after they expire,” WABetaInfo discovers.

“Because the new introduction emphasises the option to keep deleting messages, WhatsApp is unable to show it to users because this feature is still unavailable.” You can expect this introduction to come following the availability of the feature to keep fading messages in a future version,” he added.

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